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Biodegradable Plastic Bags

After more than a year of testing, negotiating changes and testing again, we are proud to announce the availability of fully biodegradable plastic bags. 
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Established in 1994, Grigo International Pty. Ltd. has specialised in importing goods from China. More recently, we have sourced goods and business services from many other parts of the world. 

We also export Australian goods worldwide.

We work through a network of independent agents and we have access to a long list of manufacturers from which we can source a wide variety of goods. We can also arrange the manufacture of specialized products and products branded to your specification.

We do not carry any stock. All orders are processed and shipped directly from the manufacturer to our customers. The resulting cost savings are passed on to our customers.

We cater for medium to large orders, supplying Wholesalers, Retailers and Re-Sellers.
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